Learning Mathematics Naturally – Introducing Kamati Version 2

At mathsciencegames we believe mathematics for primary schools should not be taught in an abstract way that forces students to recall formula and use them without any real understanding or relating to the world they live in.  Am certain this has been the objective of most educationists to build knowledge that is relevant and appealing to the learners. However, this is easier than said as teachers and school managers have other competing priorities including passing national examinations and completing the syllabus among others.

Through the Makerere University Research Innovation Fund (RIF), we have been developing games for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We have so far completed the first version of three games (i) Gastro Trek for digestive system, (ii) Blood cruise for Blood circulation and (iii) Kamati for mathematics.

In Kamati first release, we focused on set concepts and covered set formation, equality of sets, equivalent sets, empty and not empty sets. To make our game complete with extra mission, the games provides extra practice questions presented in an interesting game play.

Now in Version 2, we have extended the game to make learning of mathematics more natural in a home environment that most learners are familiar with. The game teaches fractions and money concepts through sharing of items from the market with siblings and parents. 

Head to mathsciencegame.com and click on the red button to receive updates and the download link for future game versions.

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