Red Cruise – The Bloodless Adventure

Red cruise is a hilarious marine adventure into the blood circulatory system. Aimed to create a definitive marine experience, red cruise feature creatures where survival and combat mix to keep the learners taking science to the next level.

It feature both story and puzzle mode with creatures following underground tunnels for oxygenated blood, other blood ingredients as it gets used in the different body parts. The puzzle mode provides unravelled challenges where mastering blood circulation is must for the learner to survive attacks, acquire better submarine vessels. There are lots of levels under puzzle mode and continue to pop-up at different levels.

Red cruse  is part of the three games being developed under the game plus project funded by the Makerere University Research and Innovation Fund Round 1. The aim of Gameplus is to strengthen the teaching and learning of science and technology for primary school focusing on primary 5, 6 and 7. It is envisaged that red cruise will improve the science  grades and in turn interest learners in science related courses leading to an innovative knowledge economy.

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    Great work done

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