Kamati – The city of Mathematics

When aliens destroy a region of cities and blow it into dust and rabble, it has to be rebuilt into greatness with precision of great mathematicians and scientists.  With advancement in mathematics, the city engineer has grand opportunity to apply modern engineering at an epic scale. Each city represents massive engineering of epic proportions with unmistakable mathematical fingerprint from known mathematical building blocks such as sets, algebra, operations on whole numbers, fractions and geometry among others.

Kamati is not a true region in the sense, it is a virtual world of mathematics designed as game to enable playful learning of mathematics for primary children. Kamati builds on proven abilities of gamification that makes learners play for fun and learn at the same.  The players role is to use mathematics and build the different parts of the city. Kamati is designed to have the effect of making learners feel nonsensically powerful with extra abilities to command buildings in place only curtailed by frantic mathematical speed and accuracy.

Kamati is part of the three games being developed under the game plus project funded by the Makerere University Research and Innovation Fund Round 1. The aim of Gameplus is to strengthen the teaching and learning of science and technology for primary school focusing on primary 5, 6 and 7. It is envisaged that Kamati will improve the mathematics grades and in turn interest learners in science related courses leading to an innovative knowledge economy. The research project is lead by Associate Professor Benjamin Kanagwa, from the school of computing and informatics Technology

Supporting partners include NITA-U and Ministry of Education and Sports, Please follow us on twitter, facebook and for more details.